So I'm not sure at all what could be causing this, but (seemingly) out of the blue, my bass won't play any sound when I have it plugged in. I had tried a few different cables, each not making a difference. Now the weird part, is that when I put my hand on either the volume or tone knob (just a light touch), it registers sound. I can tap notes and hear them clearly through my amp, but the second I take my hand off one of the knobs, it goes away. Thoughts?

If it helps, it's an old Peavey T-20 that I inherited from my grandpa.
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That sounds like some faulty wiring and electrics. Sounds like you're 'grounding' the charge or whatever the technical vernacular is. I'd take it somewhere to get repaired, doesn't sound like the sort of job you want to do yourself unless you're an electrician.
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In bass that old I would replace the pots and wiring it's a simple job but if you're first time then take it to a luthier.
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