Okay, so here's my problem. As the title says, I want to change the pickup topper on an open coil humbucker. I like the tone, control, and sound of the EMG OC1, series, but I don't want black on the guitar I'm going to build. My question is this, can you replace the black topper in lieu of a cream color. Unfortunately for me, the EMG's are currently black only. Can this be done, or is there another equivelant sound and priced pickup?
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I'm not sure what you are referring to. The bobbins?
I googled it, not sure what the technical name is... the plastic piece on the top... where you can see the post heads.
As Jim said, the bobbin can't be changed. The easiest way to accomplish your goal is to mask off the pole pieces and paint the top of the bobbin with spray can paint. Then you can just clear coat the painted area and you're done. The sound of the pickup won't be altered.
Forget the paint--too much hassle, and possible damage.
Just get some of those bobbin decals from:
Oh, frack! But, I didn't say frack--I said "THE" word. The F-dash-dash-dash-dash word.
Painting would be one route, but the only trouble with that is it would require finish or it would begin to chip and fade. Besides that, if I'm doing something so drastic, I'll just find a pickup that already colored how I want it. I just noticed that they seem to be able to be removed, and just though about replacing them.
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That's the top of the bobbin. The coil is wound around the bobbin and you can't change that part. It is integral to the construction of the pickup.

Gotchya... I'm rather new to the guitar thing, so I was roughing it. I would like for them to be cream, not black or a mix. And if I can't replace them, I would like to know if there is a cream hum that has the same, or close, sound to the EMG OS1 series. Passive's are what I'm shooting for, I don't like actives.