I can't handle this weight from the weather,
or the weight I've put on,
or by The Band Goddamnit.

Winter hits hard,
harder than I expected,
I wish I could talk to Joe Frazier,
He's probably the only one who understands it.

I'll hold up on the ropes,
arms up, bleeding from my ear,
toss me in the corner,
take your best shot,
cause God knows,
I've taken all of mine.

This ain't no Thrilla in Manilla,
don't expect a comeback anytime soon.

I might get up before I go out,
but I'll never ride the lightning,
or be the man I'm supposed to be.
it's hard work slamming the door
on everyone offering up their help,
when it's hanging from the hinges,
on a house that might as well be damnation.

I'll hold on,
I'm not sure what for,
or even what to,
but if you need me,
I'll be here holding,
like all us dreamers do.
waw i just jammed on this great song! Really nice
Chords used: Am, Em, G, C, F