i want get a custom strat from warmoth parts. Will the installation of the guitar parts be difficult? The neck will already have the frets on it.
it's pretty simple. If you can solder or get some practice in, that'd be a plus. other than that, it's pretty simple. just make sure your e strings line up properly before bolting down the neck.
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building this way and restoring older guitars is a great way to learn all about how guitars work and also how to modify. it is fun
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if you're getting a strat, there's a chance you won't even need to solder, depending on how you load up the pickguard.
It may not be as simple as some suggest--even parts coming from the same place.
There is always the possibility of a little sanding and shim involved, but you can visit plenty of online resources to help.
The electronics are the easy part.
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