Hi, bought new Squier VM Jag yesterday and immediately replaced the strings to 11s, tightened the truss a 1/4 turn and let it rest before re-setting the action. Thing is the bridge is already hard against body and the action is still way too high for my liking. Adjusting saddle heights is not helping here as any lower and the strings just buzz on the bridge cage. I haven't tried adjusting the two outer screws yet but as I say the bridge is already hard against body so can't see how that will help. Any suggestions? Replace bridge? Shim the neck? Any advice offered greatly appreciated. Ta.
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Take it back? Get a different one?
It's going to probably need the neck reset (shimmed); a better angle will likely make a difference.
:-) Well sending it back seems a bit rash...I'm just not that familiar with doing a setup on a jag so wasn't sure however I'm comfortable with shimming it if that's all is needed...