Alright I have an 8 unit 14 inch deep Road Runner Rack that I house all of my guitar stuff in. My power amp is a Mesa Boogie Simul 2 Ninety, its 13.5 inches deep. Not thinking at the time of my purchase, I was just like Oh cool its 14 inches deep and 8 spaces high I'll have room for lots of stuff to put inside, not thinking about how heavy and awkward it is. I delicately balance my big rack box on top of my 4x12 and play but it never looks super sturdy.

I was looking at the Gator G-PRO-8U-19 cases, does anyone recommend any particular type of rack because I'm pretty clueless about them. I'd like something smaller but due to the size of my power amp I think I might be SOL. But even if the gator cases didn't save me any space the fact that the handles are recessed and actually in the middle of the rack instead of being staggered to the front and to the back would make it loads easier to carry.

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!