I've written about a good solid 6 songs. Well, not complete songs. Just guitar parts and a bit of bass and solo stuff. No words (although I have written stuff down) yet.

It's just that most of what I write keeps coming out very slow and melancholy. Not quite in your face depressing, but they are quite gentle/atmospheric and to me, do have an emotional weight to them. Even without lyrics.

I do love me some heavy metal. Listened to a lot of it for years and I just can't seem to make something that feels aggressive-that I like.


Was just wondering if it's even possible to 'break out' with that kind of music. They do come from a very emotional place and I just can't see myself or a future band having them on a debut album. Second album sure. But I know a debut album generally has to grab peoples attention. This is especially important if you're going to perform them. The riffs are awesome and everything, but like I said, they're mostly moody and atmospheric.
Keep them on the backburner if you feel you're not ready to release them now. Loads of songs have been written years before they were released. Maybe even try reworking a few to see if you can get the desired result.

I've got a few songs and riffs I haven't shared with my band, either because it's not what we play, to personal or we haven't got to a point musically where I can show it too them.
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You could always change keys and see what you come up with. Plus heavy metal isnt the only genre of music out there. No one is gonna take away your Man card for writing something else. If you are writing songs that you are happy with keep it up. There are roughly 8 billion people on the planet, someone will enjoy them.
In my experience it's a bit tougher to upbeat songs. However, writing a slow song devoid of cheese and clichés is an impressive thing to do. As long as you're writing music, you're being productive and learning a lot of things that will ultimately prove useful when writing other types of songs.

If you don't feel like writing about personal stuff, you can always just be cynical with the lyrics you write a la Roger Waters on Animals especially. I don't know. You're probably not very angry moods when you write music and therefore not expressing yourself aggressively. You could try watching a bunch of documentaries about stuff that pisses you off (or just follow the news) and it'll come more naturally.
have you ever heard of Sunn O)))))))))))#@$*%@*!#?!?!?!, or any doom metal? it's totally possible, metal doesn't have to be fast or aggressive. what's more important is whether it sounds too much like everything that's out there already.
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I don't necessarily think of a genre I want to write in when I write. It's just making anything that's got a relatively quick tempo... It always sounds corny or cliche to me when I do that. I do get aggressive too. I have that rage in me but whenever I pick up the guitar it doesn't come off that way. I'm not THAT crazy into metal anyways.

For some reason anything with a medium tempo ends up sounding cliche. It's frustrating as hell because I do have stuff (rather nasty stuff) that would work as lyrics but it warrants a faster, more aggressive style of music.
Why don't you find a batch of aggressive songs that don't sound corny to you and learn them. Study them and find out why they're not corny to you. Just one song won't really help as you'll just end up copying that song, until it sounds corny again. But hopefully you'll end up figuring it's in chord progressions and rhythms you like/dislike and be more effective in writing stuff you don't hate.
Yesterday, I abandoned my composition of phat wobs and decided that I was just going to make a song out of the intro, which is a load of ambience. It's gonna be way better, because I'm way better at making atmospheric stuff than rhythmic things.
So what I'm saying is that slow songs may just be your calling.
I'm sorta finding a way around my rut. I've been using funk chords. I'm starting to get the hang of upbeat stuff.

Still no aggressive sounding stuff

Yes. Very much yes.

Release whatever music you want to, it's all about expression, no reason not to. Most succesful debut albums are from musicians who've been involved in other projects prior to being in the band with which they're making said album, so it's no big deal if you don't immediatly grab everyone's attention.
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Why not? Doom metal is a thing isn't it?

If a band can get away with putting this as the first track on their first album, I don't see why you can't.

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Once you add drums it can change the vibe a lot, even a second guitar with distortion that simply sustained power chords of the progression can beef up the sound a lot
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Also where the snare hit is can completely change how upbeat the song is perceived as. Try change it to what you think would be double-time if you're feeling the song is dragging on or being a downer
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