This is a Song from my Demo, that I recently put on Bandcamp.


Tell me what you think about it and I will be happy to listen to your stuff. You can also listen to the other songs of the demo
I was hoping the audio quality would get better as the song got past the intro and it did! Still quite a bit of treble for my ears though. I prefer the melodic singing (good) over the growling type of vocals, but I always say that. Guitar playing is tight. Sounds good around 2:10. I like the bridge(?) at around 4:20. Good for the genre overall. Please review my music at this link:

Writing as I listen; like the intro, big fan of the radio effects before it all kicks in myself! The drums sound good, maybe a bit too compressed, kick could do with a bit more punch though. Love the guitar riffs, reminds me of some stuff i've written before, proper 'bounce-like-a-****ing-idiot' riff haha. The rhy guitars could do with a bit volume, and better eqing, but not sure what, i think the drums are actually over powering the guitars. The leads fit nicely though with the rest of the mix, but if you were to remix, maybe take down in the 2KHZ area i think.
Vocals however sound incredibly scooped! which is unusual as vocals take up mid-range frequencies. I'd say boost in the high-mids, around 3-4k and maybe even 5k so its cuts through a bit better.

Composition; I likey. The screams remind me of Winston McCall from PwD, so good job. The clean vocals are catchy and nice, the only thing I'd change about this song though would be the leads, I feel they could be a bit better, but still good, maybe if they were mixed a wee bit lower so they fitted in with the rhy guitars it wouldn't bother me as much. All in all, good mix and good song writing!

Comment on my mix? Dw about the composition or playing - I didn't have a part in neither, just wanted some practice

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Sorry for the late reply, been very busy as of late and not had a chance to have a sit down and listen!:

Anyway, I'm digging the main riff this track although it sounds quite 'dark' in relation to everything else - could maybe do with a boost around the upper mids to bring it out a bit more. Love the unique sound of this track though, it's quite thrashy at points but suddenly very deathy aha.

Vocals fit really well with the riff, locking in nicely - good sounding voice for the track. I would only maybe say that they vocals seem quite compressed; it is difficult to compress the dynamic vocals you get in metal tracks but you have done a good job in the overall mix.

It's a neat track with some good composition going on too. Good stuff.