I basically want to record a hard rock/metal album. I've got the music generally structured and need to buy some drums. Due to my house being a condo I can't buy real drums so I'm wondering if there are any electronic drums that are under $5000 that can actually produce music that is pleasing and realistic when recorded. Is the technology at that level yet where you could record an album with electronic drums?
There are good elctronic drums indeed!

For $5000 your best bet is a Yamaha DTX950K.
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"can spend $5000 dollar on an instrument"
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At the risk of sounding like I'm advertising, my punk band has been using electronic drums to record it's past couple releases. You can click the link in my sig for an idea of how well it works. I think the drums sound pretty good, and no more unrealistic than the hyper-processed drum sound available on most metal albums these days, even if the rest of it doesn't.

The kit I used was a Roland TD-4. It's on the older side now, but it was about $1100 new. Not going to lie, electronic drums make recording go SO much faster. And if you play live, and the venue can handle it, just plugging them into the PA makes set-up/breakdown unbelievably quick and easy. As long as you don't mind not looking br00tal, edrums are a good investment.
Thing is... when you record drums, you're basically never going to use the in built sounds, you're far more likely to record the midi output from the drums and then put them through a decent VST.
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