My headset died a while ago and I want a new pair

I'm mainly using it for gaming.

So yeah, can you guys post what kind of headset you use. Prefer things not hella expensive.
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ichi please

I played two games with momen and sky and egraham yesterday. TWO GAMES
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the factory xbox one.

Turtle Beach
damn these ones look good

are they as good as they look
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I'm using a Corsair Vengeance 1300 and I've been really pleased with it.

I feel the need to point out that I'm a big fan of the company though. If I can get a product from Corsair I barely even consider the competition...
Steelseries siberia headsets are pretty good barring the cord on them is kinda shit so dont let it tangle or it could snap inside easily and have that SS premium pricing

Genius also do a $30 headset I use most of the time, mic quality is excellent and it really surprised me.

However in all seriousness, get a pair of Audio Technica AD700s. They have extremely good sound quality and dont have excessive bass which is brilliant when playing games which require positional audio as too much bass can muddy up directional perception. Playing CSGO, a game that highly requires listening was a breeze with these. Also feel like air and no problems with wearing them for periods of 6+ hours at a time for truly MLG sesshs. I dont use mine often because theyre used more for LANs and stuff so I dont break shit at home.

The one problem is they dont have a microphone so if youre playing team based games youre shit out of luck. The solution in this case is to use a Zalmann clip on microphone, which attaches onto your headphone cable. A few have been duds though so just a heads up that you may need to refund and replace at some point, but good ones are easily found and extremely functional without sounding like shit

This setup's considered optimal for FPS gaming requiring amazing sound quality and communication.
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damn these ones look good

are they as good as they look

I've never had one myself but I've used them at other people's houses and they seemed good. Whatever pair I used also had separate volume switches for the in-game sound and the chat sound.