So we all know that bands come in left in right, putting on shows, and if lucky, cause a bunch of brand-new ears to basically loose their minds and mosh (If they don't get caught by the police from the ****ing new law about no more moshing). Yeah, so anyway. So I recently went to The Red Eyed Fly on 6th street in D-town Austin and heard this band called Until Atlantis Falls, and damn. These guys now how to jam. The way the verses faded into such kick-ass choruses is just so hardcore. I only got to talk to the screamer(Justin Moreland) and the lead singer(Kymberli), but it shows that they have some passion. It's no doubt they put more time into making music and perfecting everything else that they forget to even eat. I asked Justin about how he felt these past few weeks putting on shows, people shouting for encores, being so lost in their music that they just transform into entirely new people. His only response was that it was, not only his, but his entire bands dream becoming a reality. The fact that he mentions his band in his sentences shows that he's not there for the fame, but for the memories and the fun of being with a second family. Kymberli is just as proud of the outcome of hard work. She explained an impressive story of how they came about. Friends from the same middle school and high school from a small town called Pflugerville. For as long as I've been keeping track these few weeks, the crowds just keep growing and growing, and the music just keeps getting that much better. I'm, in no doubt in my mind, really excited about how far they will go, and we can only hope that they stay and steal shows, instead of crumbling away and leaving shattered memories. Check them out! and if you happen to see them, shout it out here.


So on Nov. 23, UAF is going to have a show again at The Red Fly in D-town, Austin. Make an effort to get out there!! There's some new material (So Justin said), so it COULD be an exclusive premier for some brand new shit!

Keep checking in for some-what daily updates!

Live Metal, Bitches!!!
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