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4 7%
12 20%
17 29%
0 0%
12 20%
0 0%
8 14%
5 8%
1 2%
Voters: 59.
I'm not sure if I want to vote objectively, or subjectively.

Decided to vote for H. Obviously the C and whatnot are super nice, but we'e seen them all before. I've never seen anyone carve a pumpkin and put it on their head (in a UG competition).

So H.

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H. because pumpkin head.
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Definitely C - it's ****ing amazing!
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G for a number of reasons. The scattered appearance represents how the government sees the general populace as scattered people - we are all viewed as uninteresting individuals. It also represents the average person. The pumpkin possesses rough cutting lines but if it was a celebrity the pumpkin would have had a more attractive appearance and not viewed as a swine. The absence of a properly chiselled nose tells us that the pumpkin 'nose' that he is the ugly duckling in this bunch of pompous pumpkins.
I do believe A is you, mr Snazz.
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C is nice but who the hell is it supposed to be? Uncle Fester? Andre the Giant? Shrek?
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I think it's Ainsley Harriott.

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Voted for C because Magic Johnson
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Voted for C because Magic Johnson


Not funny.
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Not funny.

Yes it is, quit lying to yourself
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Yes it is, quit lying to yourself

Oh, ok. I didn't think I could get away with that one. But if you say so...

Pumpkin Positive.
Objectively, B is of the highest quality and has the most artistic merit.
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Voted for G 'cause 'Murica
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These are fantastic

Was a tough one between B & C, B is the better carve but voted for C because it made me laugh. Glad you organised this this year, it completely slipped my mind.

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Objectively, B is of the highest quality and has the most artistic merit.

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E because crazysam.
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