Anyone like bob marley? Personally I think he is the best musician of all time. I've been trying to find what kind of guitar he used but I just can't find it. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated.
there are some pictures of him playing Les Pauls, but i think those were Studio faded or something similar, they look pretty bold (nothing but brown wood on top of them) nothing fancy at all. Just THAT SOUND
one of my freind really digs bob marley

hes told me that he played a strat in his earlier days and then a les paul i think it had p90s but im not too sure
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Bob Marley was the least fussy person in the world when it came to guitars, I've heard stories that he would frequently show up to the studio without one and just use whatever shit was there.

i could NEVER do that

mostly cause im left handed
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i could NEVER do that

mostly cause im left handed

THIS is why I started off on right handed guitars. Then I learned to play upside-down with my left hand. After my TBI I cannot play right hand anymore, I'm sure I could work at it, but just rehabbing my right hand to fret chords is still taking a long time.

That said, it was Bob's magical videos of his mahogany LP Special with P-90's, and the last straw was a Van Morrison concert on Wolfgang's Vault, that gave me the "F-it power" to buy my '61 LP Special RI clone (Lefty SX Callisto in natural mahogany). I've always loved the P-90 sound and I needed a project to work with small parts to rehab my fine motor skills, which physical therapy wasn't helping.

Bob's less-popular music was enchanting and actually less political than all the songs your typical college stoners know all the words to.
He played an old Washburn for at least a few shows, one of the few famous Washburn players. I forget the model name, but I think it looks cool. I think his Les Paul is ox blood or natural color.