How important is the quality of the cable in terms of quality of sound?

What type of cable should I look out for?
What materials should I look out for actual cable and its leads or jacks

Im buying a guitar and amp on weekend.

Any suggestions on cables?
Yea, it's important. Shitty ones will break easily and require lots of soldering and crackle and shit.

Get a Klotz lead.

What guitar and amp are you getting, what's your budget?
Honestly, I buy Canare cable and Neutrik ends in bulk.

You can build any length you need to. I'll usually crank out a bunch of cables at a time and toss them into a canvas bag, then just pull them out when I need to. You can save at least half to two-thirds of the cost compared to buying those "lifetime warranty" things. GC and the manufacturers count on you NOT bringing those back for replacement; the return rate is something like 10-13% in a really bad year.

If you don't want to build your own (and it's very easy to do so), pick up two of something that has a lifetime warranty, so that you have one that works until you can get to the store to replace the one that screwed up. If you're going to use a pedal of any kind, buy three. And then you'll begin to understand why I roll my own <G>.

There's a lot of talk about impedance and capacitance and impotence, etc., but all that pretty much goes out the window as soon as you use one of those cheap shorty cables to mate pedals on your pedalboard. BTW, keep track, some time, of all of the connections you make between the guitar and the amp. Usually it's those that cause degradation of your signal, not the quality of the cable and the ends between guitar and pedalboard or between pedalboard and amp.
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Yea, it's important. Shitty ones will break easily and require lots of soldering and crackle and shit.

Get a Klotz lead.

What guitar and amp are you getting, what's your budget?

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The weakest part of your signal chain can suck tone.

I learned of the benefits of buying and making better cables years ago. When I still lived in the UK I had a Marshall tube pre/power amp rack set up and mainly played a LP Custom. I bought whatever cables from a local shop and also patch leads once I started getting into effects. The moulded coloured ones.
A friend came over with self made Canare cables and suggested I should try one out. It sounded like I had been playing previously with my speaker cab under a dense foam mattress and everything was brighter, more articulated and defined.

That's it, I was converted.

I still have some "cheaper" leads in my gig cases for use in extreme emergencies, but have never needed them once.
I still have the first lead I made myself. That was 1998. I also still have a Planet Waves lead from around 2003 when I returned to the UK for a few years. They are in perfect working order.
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I would also recommend making your own if you need a lot.

That being said, most people I have met with expensive gold tipped w/e cables do not even know how to get optimal tone with their fingers/technique/consistent picking angle/dynamic signal to being with etc. list goes on.

Cheapest cables should be avoided, cause they do make a difference, and also break easily, all of my cheap cables have broken, re fixed, broke again.

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IMO (and with limited experience ) it's important up to a certain extent (i.e. no cheapo stuff), but once you hit the pro quality stuff (which isn't that dear... around £10-£20 a lead if you know what you're doing... van damme, klotz, sommer etc.) diminishing returns set in pretty quickly.
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Yes, there is a big difference in a $5 cable versus a $30 cable. Once you go higher than that I don't think it really makes a difference. Sound quality won't change, durability might.