Music is my primary interest in school, and they only offer AP Music Theory every other year (I believe) and I didn't take it this year (my junior year) because I had a busy schedule already so I don't think I will be able to take it in high school.

For anyone taking it, is it hard? It probably depends a little on the teacher, the kids in it at my school say it is hard. I play guitar and I taught myself piano, so I know a decent amount of basic theory (e.g the different keys, modes of keys, the notes in a chord, naming chords off roman numerals, etc.). I also have a decent ear (not amazing but it seems to come naturally for me).

For example: the notes in a D maj11 chord are: D, F#, G, A, C# (if you are including all of them)

I really wish I could take it, even though it sounds very hard.
I was in it. Its mainly doing a bunch of 4 part choral writing.
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its mostly 4 part choral writing and learning the rules for such
theres going to be some more thoery to learn and some sight reading practice(also reading rythms)
as well as melodic dictation where the teacehr plays a melody and you have to transcribe it

my school didnt have the class(or a music program for that matter) but i took the ap music test which was hard as balls
and even thought ap classes are quite difficult they were my favorite in school because they were actually challenging and little of the work given was busy work that you get in a lot of classes
but of course this is coming from someone in a poor communty with shitty lausd schools
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the test was mostly ear training IIRC. other than that yeah 4 part choral writing

even if your teacher sucks (mine did) learn as much as you can pull from that textbook. it helps a lot in college, even if you bomb the test (which is arguably the hardest AP to ace, alongside physics)

the rule at my HS was: 25 people have to sign on for a class to be approved. granted, we had a regular music theory class to stretch the numbers, but if you get enough kids interested next year, they'll probably take them. the reason they do it in 2 year shifts is demand - as juniors or seniors, you'll have one year you can take it.

i wouldn't count on pulling it off, but i'd ask your counselor to take it higher up to see the possibilities ahead of time. if they don't know what you want, they can't help you, and they're the ones that make the shots. you still have a good 5 months before registration starts so it'd be worth getting an idea of whether your school would oblige you if you could pull together a solid enough student base

another option would be trying to see if a local CC would let you do it as a dual credit summer course or night course next year. or just take some classes as electives when you start a real degree. sightsinging, some piano courses, and music theory would do you very well to round out your knowledge without you wasting all your loans/parents money/time on a useless performance degree in jazz guitar
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