So I have been planning my next build and I got thinking, what defines a neck's quality?

For example, I have a neck that I am thinking of using for said build, but it is off a cheap, crappy budget guitar. I sanded down and refinished it at some stage though because IIRC the original finish wasn't nice.
This neck though is just beautiful to play! To me anyway it's just the right thickness/taper/radius etc and it looks decent, nothing special, but not an eyesore. I've played USA strats (mine is a strat copy neck) that didn't feel as good in my hands even, even though they looked better and of course, were conventionally better.

Of course it would benefit from a tuner replacement and a bit of work done on the frets, but that's not hard.

I'm just curious as to if there are any other major factors that I'm overlooking that makes a cheaper neck inferior
You already know.
A comfortable neck (to you) and good frets/fret work.
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Level frets, rounded fret ends and just a great feel overall--that's all you need.
Oh, frack! But, I didn't say frack--I said "THE" word. The F-dash-dash-dash-dash word.
As long as it doesn't twist or warp with time, and the frets don't wear like butter... it's all good.
a good neck is all up to your definition. but basically, it fits in your hand comfortably, has a goof fret job and your favorite size frets, your favorite number of frets, favorite headstock style, favorite woods, and it doesnt turn into a banana every few months.

My favorite neck in particular is the ibanez wizard 2, but thats only because I havent played a carvin, hufschmid, or many other guitars.
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all these guys above are wrong its all about how much you pay .... the more $$$ then the better the neck...


My favourite current neck is off a vester stage series strat ...... neck is 25+ yrs old and still straight as with the original frets and the action is super low...its a shame they used ply for the bodies because they would have been fantastic guitars apart from that