I'm considering buying one of these two guitars. Apart from the colour, the only difference between them is that the LC195s has a two piece maple top while the LC200 has a one piece mahogany top.
I've read that maple top takes away part of the warmth of the guitar but it also gives it a more distinctive les paul sound through the bright highes. What is your opinion as far as tone concerning the difference between the maple top and the mahogany top woods? As anyone tried these two guitars? I don't have the opportunity to try them before buying...
I really like the round sound of the clean tones of mahogany but I fear that the LC200 may sound boring when soloing up high with distortion, and that this guitar may lack the dynamics the maple top can provide when soloing...
I guess that using gibsons for comparison would yield the same conclusion.
What is your opinion?
i haven't tried both (or either, really), but that's the theory, yeah. maple adds some brightness (in some people's opinion, "much-needed brightness" though others would likely disagree), mahogany won't.
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