So I have just taken delivery of a Marshall 2x12, Bugera 333, ISP decimator and a MXR GT-OD.
I play metal in the style of threat signal with a bit of devildriver thrown in, we have quite a thrashy edge to us as well, Im looking at setting up a small rack to go with this rig something i can control from my pedal board with a simple footswitch along side my amp footswitch.

signal chain: Guitar > Mxr od > ISP > amp the pedals will be in a rack draw and always on.
In the effects loop so far ill have the Atrec delay but i know its not the best so can you recomend me a multi effects that is ver and i mean very simple to use and is footswitchable.
I dont have a big budget and would most certainly be buying second hand, its around £150. Ive looked at the G sharp as the G major looks far to complicated for me to bother with.

What other rack gear should I be looking at?
Jackson SLS3
Ibanez ART120 w/ Duncans
ENGL Fireball
Boss NS-2
TC Polytune
Digitech Drop pedal

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(actually called Deified)
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