I'm new here, it seems to be a good place to learn more about music instruments.

I'm a song-writer, I've made pretty good songs, can't complain, but now I'm starting to performance live to some local places, and I would like the get some information about which new guitar to buy. A few months ago I bought my first guitar, as I didn't had any previous practice with an acoustic guitar, I bought a Spanish guitar, I have been told that those guitar are the best ones if you are a beginner. well i gotta say they are perfect.

As I said I wanna start doing some live performance but the Spanish aren't good for my music taste. Since I don't know pretty much anything about acoustic guitars I was wondering if you guys can suggest me some for Folk-Indie music, I listen a lot to Jake Bugg, which for me is an amazing old school singer even if he's 19, I've noticed that he uses always a guitar made of Pine wood and it sounds amazing, but anyways it's a costume guitar, but I know there are a lot of guitar of that style around.

Can you give me information about what I need to know at the moment of buying a new Acoustic/Classic etc Guitar? and which ones are alike for my type of music (Indie-Folk)

I'd appreciate it.
i was going to post some youtube links so you could checks Jake's guitar on live performances but it wont let me :S

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