Just wondering if you guys have any info on this pedal. Saw an ad on Craigslist for it and I know the regular Bad Monkey gets some good praises around here so surely this pedal is worth the money. I've already got a TS9, so would it be redundant to buy it?
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If you can get it at a good price I'd scoop it up.

I use a Bad Monkey and a TS-9/808 pedal and the BM helps add back the bass the TS cuts.
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It's not really redundant because you dial them in differently. It's good to have two overdrives at a gig, even two identical ones, because you can't be adjusting them all the time.
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I have both the Bad Monkey and the TS-9 and while I prefer my TS-9 the BM still has its uses. As mentioned having two overdrives usually isn't a bad idea too. As a clean simply a clean volume boost I actually prefer the BM as it has a little bit more to offer in terms of EQ but I find the general gain structure and mid shape on the TS-9 nicer.