Hey UG, I'm looking to upgrade some stock pickups. The guitar is a Jackson dinky style that i bought new for $600 back in 2003. The current pickups are "duncan Designed". They aren't bad but they aren't great either. My father currently is playing the guitar and he wants a "hotter" pickup. I'm not sure since i've really been hit or miss with replacement pickups. Had a great experience dropping a Dimarzio Fred and PAF Pro into an ibanez S1520 prestige, but not so great experience dropping some Dimarzio Evolutions into another Jackson. I put some Rio Grandes into an Ibanez RG620x and i'm not all that impressed. I want to get this one right. I would give you more specs on the guitar, but all i can tell you is that it doesn't have a floyd rose, no idea what the wood is, rosewood fretboard, dual humbucker.

Budget? - Preferably i'd like to spend less than 100 per pickup.

Genres? -Love to play 80's hard rock heavy metal. Think Ozzy's Ultimate Sin or Ratt, Cinderella, Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood, etc. ?

Current Gear? - Dad will mostly be playing this through his Line 6 something or other or his peavey Valve King 212.

Don't have a preference for brand just looking for a better sound. No active please, don't want to route any new holes.

Thanks, Look forward to your suggestions.