Hi friends.
I recently decided I wanted to try installing an optical theremin on a guitar. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't completely aware of what I was getting into.
The guitar is a 1980's model Les Paul copy made by the Lotus company. I bought this guitar specifically for this modification. The optical theremin is a simple chip with a 9 volt connector, a wire and ground going to a 1/4 in. jack, an on/off switch, a red LED light and the optical light sensor. The chip itself is only about 2 square inches in size. I installed it with ease and it fit inside the volume and tone pot cavity with no problem. I drilled 3 holes. One for the toggle switch, and two for the LED light and the sensor.
After soldering everything properly, I plugged in and found that my theremin worked fine wired to the guitar's 1/4 in. output jack. However, I also wired the pickup output wires to the 1/4 in output as well and discovered that I wasn't going to be able to run the theremin and the guitar pickups through the same output without some sort of toggle switch to switch back and forth between the pickups and the theremin.
The wiring schematics on the guitar are identical to a Les Paul's. I shouldn't have to rewire anything. I just need to know what type of toggle switch I need to buy and any other specs such as voltage, etc, that are relevant to the switch. This is my first real modification on a guitar, so pardon my lack of common knowledge on wiring.

Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions
I already happened to have the hole drilled, so I opted for a DPDT toggle switch. I could use a little help with wiring it up though. I'm not positive what gets soldered and where.