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So I've been away flora while and now I'm back with a renewed taste for high-brow and sophisticated humour LOL jk you know what to do. Don't hate it, embrace it, it'll grow on you.

I know yew'll eventually come to cedar glory in tree puns
you're barking up the wrong tree with this thread, op, but im oakay with it if yew are. we have good mods at the elm though so i woodn't worry about it if they don't want to leaf it here.
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What does a girl have to do to get it in the butt thats all I ever wanted from you. Why, Ace? Why? I clean my asshole every night hoping and wishing and it never happens.
Bitches be Crazy.


I was already ill but this thread just made me even sycamore so I'm cutting my moss and leaving this elm hole.
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This should really spruce up the Pit.

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No I'm serious, this thread is a criminal act against the nation.

leave it
How many ents does it take to change a lightbulb?

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sloth is hacking away feebly at the grass because he is a sloth but he was trying so hard ;_; hes all "penguin im HERE i am here to help you penguin"
I thought this thread would be terrible, it was a re-leaf to get a chuckle out of it...

I'll see myself out now...
* If my punctuation seems off, it's because my shift button is broken *
this thread is barking stupid.

yet you're all in here pining for attention.
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leaf pun, didn't even cross my mind

Maybe that's the 'root' of your problem...

* If my punctuation seems off, it's because my shift button is broken *
I wood like to plank you all for branching out guys
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We're starting to re-peat each other, needles to say, we all could use a change of scenery.

Yeah, you're starting to sound potty.
Ash sure I'll just stick it out right here. This thread is the root of the problems in the pit, yet Basti walnut stop, the big sap. Like honestly, it makes me cough up phloem.
Time to make like a tree and bark.
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
I think you've got me stumped because I can't think of any.
please keep posting, i've taken a real lichen to this thread..
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+ ****ing 1

i've got a point

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No,they're to high end for me.I usually just walk into a random building and scream "FIX MY BANJO NOW!!!!" until they hit me with sticks and call the police.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, I joined this thread to laugh but now all i wanna do is leaf.
Wayne's World! Party Time! Excellent!
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I didn't think we'd come any veneer this many puns.

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I'm not going to beat around the bush, I joined this thread to laugh but now all i wanna do is leaf.

That's oakay, Rosewood be more than happy to show you out
Pine knot douglas fir sure, but maple it wood be arboreal poplar to spruce up this thread if we willow sycamore j-oaks that walnut ex-cedar m-embers crabapple-pacity fir puns so pecan alder-mately olive forest of our hives with re-leaf from this stumpff.
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