Can anyone recommend a guitar case for an Ibanez RG 321FMSP. One that doesn't cost a whole lot.
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How about a gig bag? They don't cost a whole lot and will protect your guitar from the usual nicks and dings, but won't much help if it's sat on. You can pick up a gig bag for around $35 USD.
Location? Because I have a Kinsman case. It's an odd one, not a hard case, not a soft one either. That means it's pretty light, and also has backstraps on it which is a nice feature.

Cost me £27 or so on gear4music, which compared to Gators and others, is quite cheap.


actually just looked, seems it's been jacked up to £40 now.
RG140C. It's $89. There are not many choices for RG hard cases.