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I had always known about Schindler's List and was familiar with the story, but I never got around to watching it until the other night. The whole movie is one big, depressing masterpiece.

Basically what happens is this:

Oskar Schindler employed a lot of Jews in his factory during the Holocaust. Eventually they were to be sent to the death camps, but he used his money to pay off the Nazis to let them keep working for him and stay out of the camps.

So it gets near the end of the film and the war ends, the Schindler Jews are safe, and then this scene happens:

God. Damn. I haven't shed so many tears for a movie since I saw Marley & Me.

Let loose your rivers of femininity and post those scenes that rip out your feels and throw them on the floor.
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Bicycle Thieves
Tokyo Story
La Strada
Toy Story 3 everywhere
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the scene in Hoop Dreams where the father sells drugs by the basketball court

all of Jenny in Forrest Gump

all of The Pianist

when the mob attacks the elephant man in Elephant Man
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Quote by genghisgandhi

when the mob attacks the elephant man in Elephant Man

too bad Pope Francis wasn't around
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The part in The Lion King when Mufasa dies.
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the second half of end of watch
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Life Is Beautiful (all, especially when he dies)
The Pianist (all, especially 'that' scene with the know which one)
Toy Story 3 (when they almost died)
On The Waterfront (I could've been somebody!)
Grave of the Fireflies (:sad
Crash, when the girl gets not-shot

yeh that's a good list for now
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Synecdoche New York
The Impossible
The Grey

But really, if you want to bawl your eyes out and feel your stomache in your throat for a couple of hours, watch The Impossible
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I find all of Makoto Shinkai's films hit me right in the feels.

Oh and the end of Up In The Air where George Clooney's character just stares up at the flight board knowing that all he can do is go back to his old life.

The Royal Tennenbaums when Richie starts shaving and needle in the hay starts to play
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The ending of American Beauty... The part where he talks about the first time he saw a GTO and how his Grandmothers skin "felt like paper" I just revel in that moment because I feel like my ending thoughts would be exactly the same, but I'm alive to go out and enjoy those things and remember them.

Also the part of Platoon where the quote comes up "Rejoice, oh young man, in thy youth" as well as Charlie Sheens ending monologue.

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The Brave Little Toaster gets me every time. So beautiful.
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Not a movie, but gets me everytime:

And FUCK YOU Stewie
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In "Away From Her" when he's leaving her in the institution for the first time. The fastest time a movie ever made me cry.

I've been realizing that most times I cry in a movie has more to do with my mood than with the sadness of the scene. I usually don't cry when watching movies, no matter how sad they are. There are just some times in your life when watching a specific movie just crushes you, y'know?
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Grave Of The Fireflies.

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Does anyone remember the "Bye Bye Butterfree" episode of Pokémon?

So many feels.
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Karl's conversation with Vaughan at the end of Sling Blade, as well as Karl and Frank's various conversations.
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Anyone ever seen Hachi: A Dog's Tale? The whole thing, man. Must watch for any dog owner. Worst part is that it's totally a true story too.
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From the same movie in OP this is the last scene of the movie where all the actors along with the actual Jews they portrayed in the movie all pay their respects at Schindler's grave. This scene is really what makes the movie hit home because it hits you that it really happened and isn't just some made-up story designed to make you cry.
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