So this is an old file that Nolly posted up for an old mixing contest, felt I needed to work on my snare, without the temptation of presets.
Just comments and constructive criticism muchly appreciated! Really want to improve my mixes currently, I know the snares a wee bit loud, but that came up in mastering by accident.
I know I mix kinda brightly, compared to commercial mixes, but yeah tell me what you guys think!

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Yes I agree the mix is bright, but it is very common for me to say that, as I am sensitive to high frequencies. The song itself & the vocals are quite good. Guitar playing & riffs are very good. Drums sound rather good also. With some tweaks on the mix, I could picture this on the radio. Please review my music at this link:

I would make the drums a tiny bit louder and they are a bit dry for my taste. Add some ambience to them, especially to the snare. The rest sounds fine. I like the guitars and the vocals. Around 3mins the Kick needs some reverb, that would sound nice.
Metastasis; Really? what are you listening through? on my laptop speakers and my monitor headphones, the drums cut through, maybe too much regarding the snare, and 60% of the snare sound is actually from room mics! odd!
Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960
Engl Powerball 120 Watt
Orange PPC212 Cabi
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MXR 10-band EQ
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Headphones and I really just meant a tiny bit, like 0,5db. Its nothing important, just my taste, I guess. And about the dryness: it is mostly the snare sound that I do not like. High-Hats and the kick are sitting well. Snare could need more mids... should smack more... hope you understand me
Sorry that it has taken me several days to reply (I was out of town). I have soundcloud on my phone so you might have noticed that I liked your track and started following you.

I feel like the vocals could benefit from a little more clarity around the 0:35 second mark. To my ears the kick and snare sounded a little bit too dull. However, they do sit well in the mix and are both audible and distinguishable. I think the factor in question is sound or tone of those drums.

I feel like because you are more experienced than me in terms of mixing, I can point out what sounds off to me, but that you would be better equipped to find solutions if you agree with my criticism.

Overall I think this was a well-produced track - especially the guitars! I will be taking your criticisms of my track to heart when mixing in the future.
yeha no worries man. Yeah the vocals have a radio/overdriven effect, which meant eqing to add clarity meant making it quite harsh to the ears. I agree with the kick, i used to be able to get the 'slap in the face" kick quite easily, but I haven't mixed a kick in a while so it proves troublesome this time! the snare i scooped a bit, as i didn't like the rattle, so I could put that back in. I 'll try and get a new bounce out this week, but could be a pain to get it like this version, i mastered it twice!
Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960
Engl Powerball 120 Watt
Orange PPC212 Cabi
ISP Decimator
MXR 10-band EQ
Boss OS-2
i gotta disagree with aaron, it sound bright, but rather dark instruments brightened. What guitars and bass are you using to record?

i think yr putting too much in the midrange from the instruments other than the vocals, try cutting some frequencies to make room for the vocals.

the snare sounds to wide and dull to me, but that might be a taste thing, maybe eq in some rim and add a bit of expansive reverb, cause yr not machine gunning the snare so it might benefit.

i think you should tone down the distortion on the intro vocals, just enough for listener to get the point that it's "distorted" is enough. You can get away with a lot of effects on vocals if its alone or the mix is sparse, but it sounds dense already in the intros.

plus if possible add some dynamics in the drums, adds some needed dynamics in what is a compressed track (what drum plugs are you using?)
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As you said, a bit too brightly mixed.

Cool song, you really feel the emotion through those hard-hitting guitars!
The vocals have a good melody but I would like to hear them less "muddy" in the mix.
The guitars brick the mix at one point and feel a bit too compressed. Try to roll back on the volume a bit so it doesn't brickwall. The drums are solid but the snare drum sounds a bit too snappy as you said. I really like the outro chorus - singalong potential!

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Sounds Great to me. the only thing i can say is the Vox seem a tiiiiiiiiiny bit muddy. Like if it were just a little more clarity id say this is an A+. I listened through my headphones and through my comps speakers. Its a little bright but not too bright to me...then again i really gotta develop my ear for this kinda stuffs.
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I'm very familiar with the original mix on this album, as I had it on repeat for a month at one point I like everything but the drums. They are muddy and have no punch or definition, they just kind of fall into the back of the mix. They sound too dry as well. Very evident that they are programmed.

I'm not a big fan of the distorted vocals in the beginning and that whisper is too loud IMO. The biggest issue I had with the original mix of this EP is the vocals are impossible to understand half the time. Partly because the vocalist has a lisp and slurs his words, and partly because Nolly didn't mix them bright enough and cut out the mud frequencies adequately.

Also - Your distorted guitars are clipping quite a lot.
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It's the style, I guess, but I would leave the distorted vocals for the end of the song, like in a bridge or something... Having them in the beggining just makes it a bit boring when it gets to the normal voice. Having them start clean and THEN go distorted gives it a bit of a kick.

The many vocals at 3.10 ish is cool but I think if there was more room for the harmonies and a bit less for the unison vocals, it might sound fuller...

I was going brign up the volume of the drums but maybe as everyone else said it just needs to be re-mixed...

Good song though!