first post on UG! so i thought what better way to start than by talking about some new gear to drool over

been playing guitar since january 1st 2013 and have been using my dads and brothers crappy guitars to learn on. so now that i can play alittle better i'm thinking about buying some new gear of my own.
My dream guitar to get in the near future would be a tobacco burst les paul standard or the cherry red es 335 (Gibson of course), am i better off waiting longer and saving up to get one of these guitars rather than a crappier/cheaper one?
I already have a decent amount saved up, plus my birthday and christmas are pretty close to each other so normally i can combine the money from both and help bring the cost of how much i pay for a guitar down.

i'll probably go to the guitar shop during january since my mate will get his liscense then, so if i play a les paul that i love, should i go for it?
sorry for writing a novel!
I say go for it!! If youve got the cash and the desire then why not. Lifes too short to waste your time with things you dont want. Ive owned a bunch of cheaper guitars in the past and they all ended up broken, given away, or just forgotten about. Just be aware that an expensive guitar will not make you a better guitarist, nor will it make you sound much better, that all takes time and practice, and if the thought of picking up your LP gets you excited and makes you practice more then its totally worth the money in the long run instead of a guitar you'll get sick of and give the whole thing up.
thanks for the advice
at this stage i don't plan on giving up any time soon! My brother has a Gibson SG sitting in the shed (he no longer plays guitar) and i'm not allowed to use it. i have snuck in there a few times and played a few songs on it, if i owned a guitar of that quality, i don't think i could put it down...