Hi guys,

I have a PRS SE 25th anniversary custom, and I tuned it down a whole step from standard. When soloing in the lower tuning, I love how easy it is to play.

I was wondering, can I keep the lower strong tension but tune up to standard? Is there a truss rod or bridge adjustment I could make to create a new balance with less tension in the strings?

only problem is, if you use lighter strings and then tune down, well then you have wet noodles.

the key is finding a string gauge that works best for most of what you want to play, and playing enough / doing exercises so that your hand is strong enough for the bends etc.

or, buy another guitar for a separate gauge / tuning.
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A shorter scale length gives you lower tension for the same equivalent note so something with a 24.75" scale length like an SG would be a little more comfortable than your PRS, but as the PRS is 25" there's not as much of a difference if you were comparing with a 25.5" scale guitar like a Fender.
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