the only finger placement i could come up with is:


but my hand just cant do that.
Bar the 9th fret with your index finger, use your ring finger on the A string and your pinky for the B string.
I tried that, but in trying to avoid the e string, i mute it out no matter what and it hurts the heck out of my index finger. High e isnt really that important anyway because im playing it on the G string I think. So I guess I'll just do the bar and the bottom 5 strings.
You don't need to bar all the strings, I meant you should just bar the D and G (and possibly the B, since it could be a bit difficult to avoid) strings.
i know what you mean it's just that when I try to bar the D and G I mute out the high E string and it hurts. I just realized that the exact same notes are played on the E and the G so its kind of redundant anyway so it doesnt really matter that I mute out the E.
I like the high open E, it has a different timbre to the fretted E.

Check out this pic (best I could find in three seconds)

He's collapsed the first knuckle of his index to do a barre of sorts or something. You must do the same thing with the B and G strings then it will leave the other strings open.
The picture above is how it needs to be done. This is not an easy barre so be patient with yourself. It can be done, and it does feel quite awkward, but there really is not a better way of doing it.
Poor wrist position in that picture, don't emulate. Also, that's ukelele.

But yeah, buckle the knuckle to fret the double stop.