Hello dear members of UG!! I have been playing electric guitar for over a year. I have never thought about playing while standing up as I don’t have any guitar strap. But lately I have been considering about purchasing one for my electric guitar. I have problem with back and shoulder pain. I can’t lift heavy things. What happens in plying electric guitar in standing position is, the guitar hangs and takes leverage from the shoulder to stay at a level where the player feels okay to play. I play Sterling by MusicMan JP60 which probably weighs 13 pounds +/- which I am not exactly sure about. I’ve heard that playing electric guitar while standing can cause shoulder pain if the player has issue with, so the guitar’s weight and strap type should be taken into account seriously for it. Is this true? I know that Gibson Les Paul guitars are quite heavy but yet people play them while standing. Does my guitar’s weight seem heavy for a person with shoulder/back pain problem? And I also need suggestion about electric guitar straps as I don’t know much about it. I'm sorry if I've posted it in the wrong thread. I will be waiting for your valuable replies.
You'll want a nice padded and wide strap if you're worried about comfort. The wider it is, the easier it will be on the shoulder as the force of the guitar will be evenly spread over a greater area. Go to a big guitar shop and just see what they have. You can get ones with foam padding. Don't have the strap too low either, the higher up it is the easier it's going to be on your back.

Yes, playing standing up can get uncomfortable over long periods but it is quite an important skill if you wish to perform. Just go to the store and see what they have for you!
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You'll want a nice padded and wide strap....

Thank you for providing a useful suggestion. And one more thing I'd like to ask, the guitar straps I've seen they do not come with strap lock [special lock such as the ones that Planet Waves manufacture] and is it necessary to have a guitar strap lock? I guess if it is a necessary accessory for guitar then I'll have to buy it separately.