I've landed my second contract as a guitarist on a cruise ship.
Firstly, my knowledge is low of equipment, so bear with me! Thank you.

I'll tell you the on board specs:

Fender Frontman 212r guitar amp (solid state)
We cannot bring our own amp on board.

I used for the last contract a pedal board with:
Boss Super OD
Morley Wah
various other high quality effects.

Sound was trebley and harsh - No warmth / sustain to tone - Solos were a nightmare and an embarrassment!
Wah went activated screamed the life out of everyone around me. Again - An embarassment.
Pedalboard heavy to carry about to and from gigs every day

I've been experimenting a lot with different pedals since I'm been back in the UK.
I took a trip to a guitar store which is popular in my area and spent a couple of hours trying out a wide variety of overdrives that were recommended to me for a solid state amp. At the same time being told that the tone will never be great.

Did a band rehearsal recently and tried a pod throughout the rehearsal.
I found the sound to be not as bad as I thought. Sustain on notes for solos, warmth in tone. Not to mention a huge array of effects. I hear bad reviews all throughout about it not being a professional floorboard and since having ordered one to take with me as a trial on the ship and in doubt as to whether it will give me the professional sound I now require playing to thousands of people every week.
I phoned the guitar store and the guy pretty much told me that I'm making a terrible mistake and that he thinks I'm mad. This further put doubt in my mind!

Doubts on the POD hd400:
Will take a lot of trial and error to key in sounds and is not all that great to tweak on the job in something doesn't sound great
Overdrive not great, but again this can be tweaked with time. But I don't have a lot of time!

Can I please please please have your recommendations and kind patient words with me If you had a professional cruise ship gig through a solid state would route would you take? Stomp Box or Processed?


*edit* I will also be playing a huge variety of stuff from Tom Jones to Frank Sinatra to Musical songs to Lenny Kravitz
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Get a POD HD500 and run it into the FX loop return of the amp.

This will get you very passible tones for anything you play and they are fairly cheap in the world of guitar gear
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you'll pretty much bypass all the shit and get the modelled tone

if you've got a while before the cruise you can hook up the HD500 to your own amp/computer and dial in some tones that will be pretty similar to waht the effects loop will produce.

aside from that, I really wouldn't go down the pedals route. It will always sound thin and picky through a SS. They just don't take pedals very well
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I would go for a pre amp of some kind, something simple with knobs and no menus and stuff and I could stick with my favourite pedals and just use the power amp section of the amp.
something like
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Do you know what amp will be available on board since you can't bring your own amp?
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I'd have a word with the sound guy (I;m assuming there'll be one) and see if it's possible to forego the amp completely and run something like a POD direct into the PA - would make life easier for both of you.

If you want to keep things ultra simple then you might want to look at something like a Tech 21 SansAmp - again that can run direct into the PA desk.
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If you MUST use the Frontman, the POD into the effects return is absolutely the best way to go, provided you have enough time with it to get comfortable. Get a set of headphones and you can spend any spare time you have tweaking it.

Your 'guitar store guy' is full of shit.

And remember that the vast majority of your audience is going to be mildly drunk and just want to be entertained, they expect competence - not perfection. (This from a regular cruiser BTW...)
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