Hello guys,

I have finished my second album under the title Dargoth. This is Melodic Death with some electronics and folk, power-metal influences (just a little bit .

All work I did by myself (music, lyrics, singing, recording/mixing/mastering), except lead vocals on "This is The End" song.

Dargoth Bandcamp

I hope you will find it interesting for listening and download.
Listen, enjoy and feel free to ask any questions!
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First song: Interesting synth intro for a death metal song. The vocals are a bit heavy for my taste, but well done for the genre. Guitar playing is tight, good riffs. Good drums. It seems like I have been saying this on everyone's music lately, but for me there is too much treble in the audio (I am sensitive to high frequencies). I am on soundclick also, and would have never been played on the radio (19 of my songs) had it not been for soundclick. I am from the United States and used to work with someone (an engineer) from the Ukraine: he had a number of interesting stories about your country. I have yet to have anyone currently living in the Ukraine comment on my music, perhaps you could review me at this link: