Hey all. I'm looking at a few pedals for my son for Christmas and wanted to see what you thought about my choices. I'm an acoustic guy not an electric guy so that's why I'm reaching out. Here's what my son currently has...

2 - Fender Strats (different pick ups)
Les Paul Standard
Marshall Valvestate VS265 Amp
DigiTech RP355 Multi Effects Pedal

Here are the pedals that I've picked out for him...

Dunlop Cry Baby Wah
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Beg Muff PI

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
While all of those are competent pedals, his real tonal limitation currently is likely his amp, given that he appears to have good guitars. (Depends on what type/style of music he plays of course.)
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Those are solid choices. Good work

The amp is a separate issue, eventually he'll probably want a new one. It depends on budget and whatnot but that would be another option for an upgrade.
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Thanks everyone. Yeah at this point budget doesn't allow for me replacing the amp. He will have to save up, do some research and get a replacement down the road.