Amazing atmosphere, I just have to say wow, this is a very colourful composition
I don't listen to this type of music very much, but this composition was excellent. Your notational choices are superb.
the strings aren't always on, especially when they come in, but great tune, and excellent tone for a GP file
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Hey man, this is a killer piece. I'll listen to the recorded version while reading the notation and critique as I go.

1-50: I like the dissonant choice of chords here and the sound effects made for a nice touch. The piano was cool but maybe make it a delay as opposed to doubled up notes or maybe pan a piano hard left and right and then delay one by an 8th note as you indicated in the score. This would work especially well if you did it only in teh chorus as I find it really makes the chorus effective if you start mono with some instruments and then "open up" on the chorus or a similarly epic section.

51-82: The pause in the recording is nowhere near as jarring as GP5, you got lucky but generally I consider those transitions abominable. Also, the mix is really good. I didn't mention that but well done. I would have liked to hear the fretless bass though. It has such a smooth timbre. The drums, while simple, are incredibly effective BTW.

83-122: This is a nice and melancholic section but I feel that it would help if you added in some harmonies and changed the harmonies through each repetition. So maybe start with 3rds, then 5ths, then 7ths etc.

123-154: I loved the synths in this, especially recorded. They're very effective. The dissonance is also well placed. As an idea, you could have some background synths that gradually swell with some really awful cluster chords and then cut out at the start of the following section. The melodies in this section remind me of the Mako Reactor Theme from Final Fantasy VII.

155-186: I really liked the string melodies in this section again. They're really depressing. The little 16th note fill the distorted guitar does as well really makes the section too. The only problem with this section was that i felt a little let down in terms of climaxing. You could have had a slow and mournful guitar solo or try that fade in synth/layer that I had for a previous section. Or maybe try to remove some of the compression in the recording, lower the volume at all sections and then have an artificial crescendo placed at this section and then die back down again.

187-211: Piano was really nice although the synths were a little overbearing. Maybe fade them out and leave the piano playing until the end? Otherwise not much else to say. Was effective though.

Overall, nice job man, it's a totally killer piece. I really digged it.

Also, would it be OK if you C4C? I've had over 100 views and nobody has replied yet. Would be really appreciated.