So back, and finally have an idea on what I want out of my guitar. I decided I play mostly rhythm guitar, and multiple genres, and am going to start taking vocal lessons because I can't find time to take out multiple instruments to practice.

But, back to the guitar stuff. I spent a month or so improving my finger picking and picking speed, but I kind of stopped working on other things that are probably more important at the moment.

My teacher never really taught me barre chords, and it seems like most things I play now have lots of them. I usually just swap out some of them for open versions, but it is getting annoying.

I can play the barre chords, mostly, but it is really hard for me to change between them, and hard to hold the strings down for whatever reason.

Any ideas on that? Also, about the F chord, I just realized the tabs show the high E string is held on the first fret, but I was taught to play with the high E string open?
Honestly, I had trouble with barre chords until I got a good guitar with a nice slim neck. That made a big difference to me. I feel like lower end guitars gave me more trouble playing. I'm not sure what gear you have but my first guitar I learned on was the shittiest POS ever lol. I'm not saying you need a good guitar to be able to but for me I noticed it made a difference.

And, I was always taught to have the high E string on the first fret played. I believe its to sound more "full" because there's an octave then.
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Barre chords tend to take a while to get good at. But to me it sounds like your biggest problem is that your teacher was an idiot. Keep practicing and eventually you will get used to how to play them.

As for your F chord, what you were taught is not an F chord. You're adding an E to the chord, which is the 7th degree of the F major scale, so it's an Fmaj7.
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Well, guess I need to work on my F chord and barre chords more.

For my teacher being an idiot, not sure about that. He mostly did worship music for his church when he wasn't being a pastor, I guess he was a pastor/music director for his church. The not being so good would explain why everyone told me I had gone beyond his level by the end of the first year of lessons.

My guitar is a Fender Telecousitc by the way, I know it sucks, just didn't know that until after I got it because my teacher had told me it was good, just had to adjust the truss rod. I am thinking about getting a new guitar for Christmas and my birthday this year(I usually hate combo gifts though), since I want an acoustic guitar more than I want an electric again, like acoustics more now. Also can't think of anything else I would want except for maybe those Boomphone things, since I am a jerk and like to share my music with the world(even if they hate it).