So, I want to learn how to play math-rock, but I honestly don't know where to start. I either can't find tabs or some songs are too complex for me. I also don't know how to tap, this seems to be a common technique in math-rock, can you tap if your strings are too "tight"? If I loosen up my strings I get some massive fret buzz.

If you don't know what's math-rock, here's a perfect link with a short compilation of songs. I can play stuff at the pace of the first, third and fourth song, I can't play stuff like the second song.

After reading your post i would say working on your ear would be a good idea. You are faced with the problem that a lot of people have. You want to learn something, but you can't learn it cause there is no tab for it. We've all been there, but when you start learning songs by ear you will find that you are so much more free in learning whatever you want.

So my recommendation would be to get some form of slow down program. "Amazing slow downer", "Anytune" and "Transcribe" is good examples of this. You might want to learn simpler stuff by ear at first, but if you want to you could just start learning math rock by ear using the program as help, looping short sections and figuring them out.

My general advice is this, to learn to play something you have to just do it. "How do i learn to play math rock?, you learn a bunch of it! That's the only solid piece of advice i can give you right now. Start working on your ear so you don't have to rely on tabs for playing music, and then just learn a lot of music.

I hope that was helpful
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