...for voice like metallica made it(on first 4 album), or for more deeper voice,... like Lordi
My money would be on the nt1a. Has a nice little hump in the low end.
An nt2a has multi-pattern which you might wanna consider.
3035. Better mic.
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Thank you guys, the result is 1:1
Is it matter for what kind of musik will I use? For exemple rock, hiphop...?
What would you recommend? maybe other mic?
The nt2a is expensive for me. So have you some other offer to me?
Rode just released an updated version of the NT1 (not NT1-A), I'd wait till that's out and buy one. The frequency response on it is super flat and has one of the lowest noise floors you can get.

I'd generally avoid anything in that range that has a presence boost, like the NT1-A. It ends up making vocals sound hyped and cheap. NT1-A is my least favorite LDC I've owned. No experience with the AT3035, but I actually just picked up an MXL V69G on a whim for $50 and I'm actually VERY impressed.
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Mics are mics, if you're just starting to record and don't have the money to throw around, something stable and solid like the 3035 is perfect.

Worry about characteristics when your have the economic leisure to do so, until then you're better off with a jack of all trades.
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From experience, my NT1-A is very bright sounding compared to an AT2035 (Similar to the 3035). I prefer the 2035 over the NT1-A simply because it works with my vocals better. If you've got a chance to go to some place like Guitar Center and try out the mics before you buy, do it. All the specs, reviews & sample clips in the world won't tell you how well the mic will work with your voice.
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Hi! I agree with ''ChemicalFire''. and..

Mics can be used in more ways than you could ever imagine.
The 3035 may sound good on your friend but not on you. Same thing goes with the nt1-a or any other mic.

Of course there are specific mics designed for vocals. What i mean is that you just have to try them out. And if you can't, you just have to take advice from someone who have tried both mics. (I've heard ONLY positive things about the nt1-a by the way)

Hope you find your mic!

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The 3035 may sound good on your friend but not on you. Same thing goes with the nt1-a or any other mic.

^This cannot be over-stated. Matching a mic to a voice is like matching a wine to a meal. Just because wine X is a fantastic wine and finished off that Steak TarTar you had at that expensive restaurant just perfectly doesn't mean you'll want to serve it with a pasta with Alfredo sauce. It could very well suck.

There's a video floating around of Amy Winehouse recording with a Rode NT1. I'd be hard-pressed to believe that was the conventionally "best" mic they had available. It was just the one that worked on her voice in that situation.

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