Hi, every one...
Here's the thing, I really like bands of alternative rock like My Chemical Romance, Yellowcard, RATM and Three Days Grace, and a lot of their songs have some of the coolest bass lines i ever heard, can someone tell me some bands like them or songs with that type of bass lines?

*I've been playing bass for 7 or 8 months and I can play things like "Muse - Hysteria" or "RHCP - Death of a Martian" and some slapping stuff.
stick with muse and you'll do alright. my favourites include futurism, hyper music, panic station and animals - i could keep listing muse tracks.
you mentioned ratm as well, they have loads of great bass lines as do audioslave
Really like those Muse tracks, thanks a lot, and I don't know where the hell did you found that band but they're awesome dude, thanks again
Primus has some of the most epic basslines ever. Tommy the Cat, Golden Boy, Jerry was a racecar driver and many more.

For simple stuff, go with Alice Cooper - Poison. Gonna be hard to find a tab so I hope your hearing is good.

Bon Jovi has good lines.

Metallicas Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning and Kill 'Em All have stuff that is not too complicated but with many fills and changes.

RATM is the way to go.

The Number of the Beast and other Iron Maiden songs.

Lemmy has good basslines.

While Guns and Roses is pretty good, I think that Velvet Revolver is even better.

DK for punk.

And go for some speed metal bands like Stratovarius. Yeah.... Stratovarius is epic...

BTW after 8 months you can play Hysteria? Like this?


Well, you're hell of a bassplayer then, just improvise and write your own stuff.
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You bet I can play it, and "Futurism" is almost as difficult as "Hysteria" and I can play it too so...
And thanks for the tip.
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Check out Interpol as well. Carlos Dengler has some great bass lines.

Antics has some great, great rhythm work on it.
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Primus is just too much for me...

Its the speed that is intimidating. Just slow it down and work on it; it will come. As odd as it might sound, Les Claypool didn't come out fully formed from his mother, knowing how to play like he does. It just takes some woodshedding, patience and time.
Just listen to Paul McCartney and Jack Bruce. Yeah, old school. BUT..I'll bet every one of the players you want to copy listened and learned a lot of their riffs and style.
Rage Against the machine, Breathe Carolina, Incubus.

A few more bands you can add to some of the great names everyone else has thrown out so far!
Daft Punk-Around the World

Fairly simple and fun to play, for an electronic band, they have a lot of good bass-lines.

Also try some Tool, Schism is a fun a song to play, its not he simplest but its worth learning, it helped me progress as a player.
They're not alt. rock by any stretch of the imagination but try listening to some Thin Lizzy. Not only is Phil Lynott an unbelievably under-rated bassist, but he played some lovely stripped-down but still clever basslines. Beauty is that they're fairly simple to play, but you can also add bits to it if you need to.
Why not James Jamerson? =(
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