In the past I made a frankenstein headphone because I was poor and I needed one for silent practicing, so I got a Sennheiser out of the trash, cleaned it, put pads on ti from a broken Thomson wireless, replaced the cheap a** cable with a 4 conductor cable I got from my personal pickup manufacturer (it was too thick for guitar wiring), then I made a useable one. With some dampening I reduced it's harsh highs (I needed extra padding because my ears hurt after a short time). It was useable, but not perfect.

Later I got an Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs, and I lost the frankeinstein headphones. I wanted to keep it because I wanted to make it wooden shells, but my stepfather throught it was a junk (probably because it was ugly as a** ). But my current one's pads got damaged. The plasic or whatever coating came off with the time, revealing the sponge. I share my computer with my father if I'm taking the laptop, and he got liked my headphones. And he hates shaving. Also I lost the warranty papers, I kept it in it's box, but my stepmother threw it away, because my little brother found the bubble wrap in it (I used the bubble wrap and the box to carry it if I go to a field recording ) and I should not keeping trash.

The important part: Should I get someone to put leather on the pads or get an offical replacement? How can I disassemble my headphone? I don't want to buy an another one.