I own two Squire CV's, a Tele 60's Limited Edition and and a Strat 50's both in Olympic White. The Tele color has mellowed a bit into a light ivory while the Strat is as bright as a snow capped mountain so I figured they must have a bit of time between their respective build dates. Both carry SN CGSXXXXXXX but don't seem to follow the normal 'rule' for deciphering. CGS(XXX) should be the build date but these numbers don't appear to be date relevant. CGSXXX(XXXX) should be the sequence number and most likely is. The rest is pretty straight forward...C, Chinese manufacture...G, Classic Vibe series...S, Samick manufacturing facility. The first three digits are what I'm having a problem with. Do any of you have any idea what they represent? I've seen photos of a date stamp on the neck heel so I guess that does exist but I've yet to remove the neck from either one. Is there even a date code in the SN of the CV's?
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