Hi folks,

I'm looking for advice on a purchase I'm about to make... I'm a total beginner and have been happily strumming on my F310 for months now that I bought 2nd hand to make sure I stuck at it. Good guitar but I find the sound off it very dodgy on the high notes and the action is pretty bad... rather than the guitar I reckon it was the DHL delivery! (still - will be more than I paid for it to get it setup again so haven't done anything about it). Bottom line... had a shot of the mrs' dads epiphone dot and was amazed at how easier it was to play (also loved the sound off it). I'm looking for a guitar that will cover all bases for me as a beginner and being an admirer of the acoustic guitar I was thinking about the full-hollow epiphone casino?

I'm totally lost as I'm a newbie and have just confused myself more with all my looking into this... just wondered what you guys thought of he casino as a guitar for a beginner?

Another wee query I have is will I happily still be able to strum on some old acoustic classics with a full-hollow? (obviously totally different sounding but as long as it works I'm happy!) ie: eagles. oasis etc..

for info - my budget is about £450 max (about another 100 max on top of that for an amp - haven't even looked into that yet!)

Any advice is much appreciated as getting lost checking out my options - still would consider investing in a better acoustic if that was the better choice (but loved the sound off that epi dot!)

Many thanks,

A Casino isn't a semi-acoustic or even close. It may be hollow, but don't count on that giving you very much volume at all. It's an excellent guitar to start on and to die with.

FWIW, perhaps the best choice in this category for what you're attempting is going to be well out of your price league, but it's the Taylor T5. It may hot look or have controls like the typical Casino, but it's still got a pair of humbuckers, a pretty good piezo-type pickup on the body of the guitar, a great neck and outstanding (if a bit quiet) acoustic characteristics. Think of it as an "apartment" acoustic guitar for those apartments where you can hear the guy upstairs wandering to the bathroom at 4:30 am and the person next door scratch.
Thanks for advice, the T5 looks amazing.. something I'll definitely keep in mind as my playing progresses! Time to try a few different models out and then make my decision once I sample what's out there to see how comfortable they feel. cheers