Just the sound of my name has got you pins and needles, weak and feeble, shaking at the knees. You're begging "please! Won't you let me be?"
You know you're all the same. You do the crime and every time you think that there's no price to pay until the day you run into me.

Ten steps- we're gonna count out loud. You turn around and you're six feet underground.
You'll regret the day you entered town. You run around and you're six feet underground.

I am the apex of slingers all around.
Hundreds have challenged me but not a soul could take me down.

And I'm the fastest of the masses in the land. Got myself a reputation, now my life's in high demand. Well I can understand why they would want my head.
I see the bandits fight and eye me up and down. I went from local legend to a bounty in this town. Well it's obvious to me I'm wanted dead.

And so I see the downfall of every king.
The plotting of my demise has lit a fire within their eyes.
Of every challenger I've met face to face no man could draw to me and take my rightful place.

I found some comfort- first time in days. Playing the table all my troubles fade away.
My intuition says "reach for your belt." I can hear the footsteps but I'll play the hand I'm dealt.

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