Fellow Guitarists,

I am an intermediate guitar player and seeking to expand my playlist for live solo gigs.

I mostly play over backing tracks or I use the loop on my pedal to record rhythm and play some blues/rock blues solos over them.

My current setlist (a small one indeed) includes:
- Blues and metal improvisation over backing tracks in any key
- The Loner by Gary Moore
- Snowbound by Arch Enemy
- Ending Credit by Opeth
- Farewell Ballad by Zack Wild

I can also play and sing some songs on an acoustic guitar:
-wish you were here by Pink Floyd
- Mama Said by Metallica
- Turn the page - Metallica
- Where did you sleep last night by Nirvana

I'm not a great singer and prefer to play on my electric guitar over a backing track. So I would like to ask for some recommended songs I can play on my electric guitar that range from easy to intermediate.
I can play parts of songs from: Vai, Satriani, Santana, Pink Floyd, and Gary Moore (without vocals)
I even play Rhythm parts and few lead parts of Metallica and Slayer but those can never be played in a solo live gig I suppose.

would you suggest some songs for me to play over backing tracks without me needing to sing?

P.S: I suck in fast legatos and sweeping, so slow tempos songs are preferable and no songs that require fast sweeping too. The shorter and slower the song is the better

Thanks peeps,
Rock on \m/
I'd like to see your version of turn the page, if you can, try send a video or recording. Anyway, if you're using a loop, you can do the comfortably numb rhythm part then solo in bm for as long as you like. Slash's version of the godfather theme is really awesome, maybe some joe satriani? or malmsteen? For acoustic hotel california is great because everyone knows it, or the unplugged version of layla by clapton. are you in the u.s?
Thanks Matt for the reply,

I'm actually from Lebanon mate.
- I have a good backing track for Comfortably Numb and I can play both solos (the second solo is an extended one too) but I don't know what to do during the singing and Rhythm parts in a live gig. I t would sound silly for me to wait for the solos doing nothing in between.
- I know how to play Slash's version of the Godfather, maybe I need to start practicing it all over again. Thanks for reminding me of it.
- Malmsteen is too fast for me I guess.
- Satriani: I know how to play parts of Crying and Until we say Goodbye but not all of them. Trying to learn Starry Night, I start working on it soon but it needs time to be perfected.
- Hotel california: Finger picking is too much for me, I can play most of the song's chords but I haven't perfected it.
- I know the main riffs of Clapton's Layla but the electric version but not the whole song. I'll take a look at the acoustic version. Thanks for the recommendation
- As for Turn the page: I play the acoustic version and the chords go something like this:
Em D A Em (verses)
Chorus (1 and 2)
D Em
D Em
C D Em

Chorus 3:
Same as chorus 1 and 2 but played twice
D Em
D Em
C D Em
D Em
D Em
C D Em

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot mate