I'm considering cutting up my Peavey 6505+ combo.

My main reason for this is that its much more portable, and I'd probably be able to easily take it to college on the bus (daily) without too much of a problem. I have a 4x12 that I reckon I'd just leave at college, but they would leave me without a cab at home.

Basically, what cheap cab should I look at getting? Preferably a 2x12.

I've looked at the HB vintage 2x12, as it's been suggested here many times. How much better/ different would the Harley Benton be in comparison to my current Sheffield?
Also I've considered avatar cabinets, but they would be pushing the budget a bit on you load them with speakers
Have you considered building your own cabinet? If all you need is a 2X12, you could do it easily and cheaply. Build a box, cut some holes, add a couple of speakers, wire them up, and seal up the back. PM me if you'd like some instructions.
"cutting up"? Like converting to a head?

Wouldn't that give you a free 1x12?
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Quote by Offworld92
"cutting up"? Like converting to a head?

Wouldn't that give you a free 1x12?

Yeah, that's what I mean, should have explained better, sorry.
And i'm not sure, I don't know whether the combo part of the cab will be in usable condition after i've cut it up. And as i previously said, i'd like to take this opportunity to get a better set of speakers.
Quote by ambler3
I guess a way of asking it would be "how much better are a pair of V30s compared to my single Sheffield?"

WAY better. I was going to get a 212 cab to run my 6505+ 112 into, but yesterday I snagged a 412 cab for $50. I already have an Eminence Governor which I replaced the Sheffield with a long time ago.

The Governor is a V30 clone, but probably a little less harsh and maybe a little heavier in the low mids. Compared to the Sheffield that came with my combo, it is a little more "in your face" and raw, especially when pushed. I found that I had to dial the highs back a little with my EQ pedal because they got overwhelming at times.

But as for a larger cab/more speakers -- my 412 definitely sounds "bigger" than the combo on its own. Not necessarily louder, just "bigger" and "deeper" if that makes any sense. I would expect a large 212 to behave similarly; and I just may eventually go that route. I'm planning to order another Governor and run it crossed with two Eminence Swamp Thangs -- I'll make a post when I get that done to review it. I'm expecting it will sound terrifying.
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