Most modern popular rock music is a pale and hollow parody of the magic we were blessed with for nearly four straight decades and I am ****ing sick of it.

This is a message for budding (and most likely broke) bands that have what it takes to remind the world what real rock and roll sounds like and in turn ignite an inevitable rebirth of the entire genre.

Please email me if your band:

1. Writes rebellious lyrics that critique our time
2. Possesses an outwardly evolved degree of musicianship, especially the guitarist(s)
3. Puts on killer live shows
4. Has little if any desire to become millionaire super-celebrities

We will discuss the next steps after I hear your music and confirm that the seemingly extinct bands I am looking for actually exist.

P.S.- I know you've never met me but I sincerely urge you to trust in my taste. I am a writer/musician/rock encyclopedia who has been bitching about what's wrong with the music industry without actively doing anything about it for way too long.

I anxiously await your replies.

No offense, but you seem kind of pretentious. You sound like another stupid 15 year old "the corporate suits are killing the music and we need to take it back so that real musical integrity can make a comeback the way Hendrix envisioned it" sort of kid. There are tons of popular rock bands today that are fabulous if you just try and look for it for a minute.

I think you just need to grow up and get over it.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.

Please tell me this is real?

If this is real, go and email Western Sand and tell em Andy from Black Pheonix sent you.

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