I have a Peavey XXX 120 watt tube with a 2x12 cab. I also have a Marshall Class 5. Now I like the tone on the Class 5 better and I find the Peavey to be too loud. I want to know if this is possible:

Run my guitar>class 5> use the headphone/low power mode output on the marshall and run that into the return input of my Peavey's effects loop (which also has level control).

Would this bypass the XXX's pre-amp completely and serve as a sort of PA for my class 5 so I can boost the volume? And are there any risks involved such as blowing some sh*t up lol?

bump/update: I tried it out and it sort of worked but meh... The volume was not amplified at all, in fact i think because of the marshall having to be on the .5 watt mode had something to do with it. Also, maybe because sine my return signal input has a level knob it might be bypassing the master volume?
If your marshall has a line out for the preamp then you can normally plug in the marshall into the fx loop of the XXX and use the XXX essentially as your power amp and have the Marshall running as your preamp.

Essentially you will be moving the Marshall amps knobs and it will behave like a regular amp except that you are now running it trough the 120 watt power section of the peavey.

This seems to be what you are aiming at no?
How did you try adjusting the volume?

Depending on how the XXX is designed, your volume control can be either the master volume, the Return volume or the Class 5 volume.
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I maxed out any possible volume knobs and it still sounded very low. The master volume of the peavey was ineffective and the only things that controlled the volume was the return level knob and the marshalls volume knob.
Is the Marshall connected to a speaker load?


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