I was just wondering if MJK uses some kind of effect on his voice on the verses of Eulogy? It just seems kinda unusual (but awesome of course). And same goes for Rosetta Stoned, is it just the recorded version in which his voice is like that?
I'm going to guess delay is the added effect. Considering the subgenre of metal, being "industrial." This effect is used for a lot. He might be using one of those clear tubes that singers stick in their throats.
Yeah, you started to see them in the seventies. Arena rock bands used them. I sent a friend request, did you see it?
nope, but i just sent you one
what are they actually called? clear tubes? can you find them in most music shops?

EDIT: nevermind, got the request and added you
it's called a megaphone...live he uses one and in studio he uses one just far away from the mic.
hmm.. what about on stinkfist in the verse? same thing?
is that really it, just a megaphone?
I might be wrong on this particular song. But the clear tube is called a talk box. They sound neat, try to find a song with one. It sounds really close.
talk boxes are for guitar - not vocals. The guitar solo in jambi is a talk box.
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Yeah, I thought that. Then I payed attention to this song. It gets so close to a talkbox sound that I thought he found a new way to use it. Do they slide the tube down their throat to make the sound?
He definitely makes some use of vocal effects, on several tracks. For the most part, he uses the same effects to recreate the sound live. When I saw them, they did Eulogy and Rosetta Stoned, and he sounded pretty much just like the recordings.
if you ever see them live maynard likes to play with vocal effects, pretty possible there are some on the album
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