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Beijing tour to appreciate the Forbidden City will be the most valuable thing in my life. Upon entry this largest scale of imperial palace, I felt of kind of pressure. I do not know if it was the weather or something else, but I felt that the city was a little bit cold. It brought me not only its grand appearance but also strong grave atmosphere and a sense of serious. With large scale area and strong building material, the political building makes me record the unbelievable building experience and its talent construction designer.

Beijing Forbidden City Tour
Followed the professional tour guide, I walked along this street full of the tallest red wall and fire extinguishers. Well designed layout of each palace makes me feel very admirable. In each side, there established four large gates, with the Meridian Gate as the main entrance. Four exquisite watchtowers sit at the corners of the wall. With roofs covered with golden glazed tile, red painted walls and grey-white bases, the rectangular palace presented extremely luxurious and grand.

I'm very interested in the Median Gate which is the main gate playing as the south gate of Beijing Forbidden City. As the largest of the gates, it is the highest building of this palace. At time I thought how these five pavilions were built and decorated. Looking like five phoenixes, sitting on the gate, this large scale gate got another name- Five-Phoenix Pavilion. Appreciated the Bells and Drums close to the main pavilion, I got that it played an important role in the ancient times. That is when the emperor left the Median Gate for the Temple of Heaven, the bell would ring and the drum ring when the emperor departed for the Ancestral Temple.

After Beijing Forbidden Tour finished, I got a better understanding about the building style and Chinese history.