i want to use both my orange or120 and green matamp 120 at the same time, when i slave them together, from the slave out in the green to the effects return on the orange, it hums like crazy. is there a way i can slave them without this hum? or should i get like a lehle little dual? help please
shoot Matamp an email and ask if there is something that will help.

Is the FX loop tube driven? you might need a new tube if so.

EDIT: is the hum coming out of the Matamp or the Orange?
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cool, ill try that, whats the best way of doing it? and does it matter whether i lift the ground on the primary amp or the slave?
Ground loop for sure, but lifting a ground could lead to getting shocked if not done right (been there, done that). Email both amp vendors and see what they say.
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