Hi. I'm a beginner picking out a guitar on a budget. I've narrowed down my options to 3 guitars, but I'm having trouble deciding - so I'd be happy to have your thoughts on the matter.

For what it's worth, I'm a man with normal sized hands - no long skinny fingers here.

My three contenders:

1. Seagull S6 Original cedar top
2. Seagull Coastline S6 folk
3. Taylor Big Baby

In my price range (trying to keep it under $500) my options are somewhat limited because I won't buy a guitar made in China. Moreover, though I'm a beginner and this is a relatively inexpensive guitar - I don't really want to buy a throw away.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Long skinny fingers are great for guitar playing. Have you tried playing each of these models? And for how long? Usually when you have your search narrowed to a few just playing each one will help in deciding.
Honestly, I keep going back and forth. I like the sound of the original more than the folk, but I like the size of the folk. The Taylor is smaller, but the spruce has a nice sound. I've read 2 different reviews that say the Taylor is great if you don't play past the first 3 frets, I suppose implying the shorter neck is a bit of a pain.

I suppose I'm leaning toward one of the Seagulls, but I waffle in the store a bit.

Hence, the request for insight. Everyone seems to like their new guitar, so to some extent I'm wondering how people feel about these 3 years later.
love the seagull S6 - the wider nut is comfy for me, the sound is nice, the build quality is good. the folk size doesn't sound as good to me. the big baby's brighter tone seemed less versatile to me, although it's not a bad guitar. to me, the S6's got more bass, yet still has sparkle. i loved mine. i'd still have it, but i damaged my shoulder.

if you don't mind a slim neck (which the big baby also has), i prefer the GS mini's sound and feel to the big baby and the body is comfortable.
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i'm with Patti. i would prefer the GS mini to the Baby. i like it more than my original S6 that i had. the mohogany top Mini's are my favorite.
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need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Are short necks going to be a problem? Do you see yourself strumming some chords or playing all over the neck? These are goals of yours rather than what you are currently playing that can give you an idea of what you want. Each guitar has a main function.
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Are short necks going to be a problem?...[ ]....
Short necks become a major concern if a player decides to use a capo, for any reason. I normally tune 12 strings to D-D. when you capo up to E-E, you have a 12 fret guitar. Not altogether the best thing, should you want to perform a song that requires a capo for another reason.

I suppose my point is, with 12 fret necks, you run out of frets in what seems like a big, big, hurry.
Yeah, I have an acoustic with a short neck. It's one of the cheap fender acoustics. The biggest problem is the short neck. I like my Stratocaster because I never run out of fret space.